Miinan pirtti ja savusauna
p. 040 - 531 6349
Kokoukset, tykypäivät, syntymäpäivät, turve- ja hemmotteluhoidot, rentouttavaa saunomista ja herkullista ruokaa! 
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Welcome to Miina´s smokesauna to have a relaxing bath in smokesauna and winter swimming in the river or  to have enjoyable wellness treatments like Peat treatments , Cupping, Bloodcupping  or Hot stone therapy. 


Our smokesauna is over 100 years old traditionel finnish smokesauna. 

You can enjoy of the spirit of the old traditionel finnish log house. After sauna you can have an exelent menu of traditionel finnish food.  


Smokesauna is warmed by orders one day advance. It takes 6 hours to get smokesauna warm enought for bathing. 

Price for the smokesauna and the old house 300 €/ 4 hours/ max 12 persons. All food by orders, ask for more information: sauna@miinansavusauna.fi or tel: + 358 40 531 6349


All our wellness treatments takes 1 1/2 hours. Peat treatments are made in smokesauna. You can choose whole body treatment or treatment for cellulitis. Peat cleans your body and takes away cellulitis.


Cupping is very effective to take away cellulitis. 


Cupping does not need the sauna. With cupping we use allways Frantsila´s Herbal oils from finnish nature!


Cupping is very relaxing for all muscles. So if you have tension neck or other muscle problems in you body, try cupping. You can immediately feel warm and wellness in your body.


We make cupping with a siliconcup and Frantsila´s herbal oil. Price 75 €/ 1,5 hours.


Bloodcupping is very old traditionel treatment used to many cronical diseases and for body relaxing. It makes your body to produce many curing hormones, f.e. endorfin. In bloodcupping a small amount of blood is taken away. Price 75 €/ 1,5 hours.       


Hot Stone therapy is the real luxory treatment! It warms your body deeply and makes your body feel really good. This is the 7. sky!  Price 75 €/ 1,5 hours.


Miina´s smokesauna is situated in Hämeenkyrö, Sasi, only 30 kilometres from Tampere. Address: Hämeenkyrön Miharintie 318, 39130 Hämeenkyrö.


Take road 3 heading to Vaasa, drive 27 km, then turn left to SASI, MAHNALA, SIURO. That road 3 km. Miinas smokesauna is on the right side ( two blue wooden houses). 


Drive in to parking. Welcome!


Ask for more information: sauna@miinansavusauna.fi or tel. + 358 40 531 6349.